Premium Glass Dispenser

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What you get: Premium Glass Dispenser

Size & Capacity: 
- 5L | 20cm*35cm | 4kg
- 8L | 20cm*45cm | 7kg

High quality borosilicate cylinder glass and cup, stainless steel metal screws for the stand and handle, silicone, and wooden lid cap

Why we love it: This is not like any other dispenser, it can keep large quantities of rice, peanuts, beans, or any other commodities in good quality and perfect storage. It also comes with easy dispensing, and thermometer to measure the temperature to prevent moisture and heat, plus a glass measuring cup. Did we mention, aesthetics and #teamkahoy too!
More functions: Airtight, moisture-proof, dust-proof & insect-proof! 

Care instructions: 
- Properly assemble and clean the dispenser before using and placing the rice
- Make sure to fully close the wooden lid for that sealed freshness